Sunday, October 13, 2013

Hunter # 100

Well, 100 would be a little bit of an exaggeration, but it wouldnt be too far off! i am consolidating Jasmine's Journey with Bellah's Journey :) Jasmine has been collection cobwebs whilst i have been off playing other chars, including my new Draenei Hunter, Bellah. She is on the same server as my Paladin, and has all of the luxuries such as gold, profession mats etc.

She looks like Jasmine, ^_^ and likes collecting Pets like Jasmine too :) so there will be some updates in the pet gallery. Over the next few posts you will learn more about Bellah and he journey around the continents.

Whilst questing on Elwynn Forest, you may stumble into the mine next to Northshire Abbey. Its just West of Stone Cairn Lake. There is a quest that leads you into it to investigate... but just a word of warning: If you go in too deep, you'll be confronted with the horrifying corpses of half eaten and webbed Kobold's!
Bellah trying not to get too close to the squirming cocooned Kobold Miners.

Friday, March 29, 2013

What's the first thing you do when returning to WoW?

I'm interested in what the first thing is people do when returning to WoW after a break.

Do you get stuck into dungeons straight away?

Scout the Auction House for bargains?

Try to find another guild to Join?

Or, are you like me and clear out your bank/bags? I like to start again with an organized bank and empty bags.
Along with emptying my bags, i also check out the Auction House for new transmog items. Its hard when you are a low level as there are fewer options, and it can be very expensive to put a set together based solely on items you have purchased from AH.

So, although i really wanted to look "prettier" i will not part with my precious gold just yet... Maybe something will come up in some dungeon runs... Fingers crossed!

Below is a photo of the items i have put on AH - Low level herbs  & leather actually go for quite a bit, however i almost always undercut prices by a few gold to ensure the item will sell. I have been storing these since the beginning, and i have just been too lazy to do a clean out. I am known for my hording tendencies! I have had to sell some incomplete stacks which i don't normally do, but i just want to get rid of it all. If they don't sell, i will probably just vendor them.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

MoP Talent and Weapon Changes

Since the realease of MoP, there have been considerable changes to the Hunter class.

One of the biggest changes, is how we use our weapons.

With these changes, i will be vendoring my 2x 1h weapons, to solely use my crossbow.

One of the other changes, is how Talents Points are spent. Below are my choices as of level 32.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

New Page - My Pets!

I've added a new page to my blog - titled 'My Pets'. Its pretty much an easier way for me to show you photos of new animals i've tamed, and a little bit of info about them. I have had to add all of my current pets pretty quickly, so some are not really in their natural habitats which i will be updating when i have the time. For future pets that i tame i plan to be a bit more creative with the screenshots...

Check out the page at the top of this screen, or click on the link below to see :) Check back regularly for updates!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Leatherworking dropped for Herbalism.

I found Leatherworking to be quite a tedious and un-rewarding profession. Sure, you get to make your own gear, but you need to skin loads of mobs for the leather, and your skill level needs to me maxed each time you go to a new zone. Usually this wouldn't be a problem for me, but the peices of gear i have been crafting are not as pretty as i would have liked. They're really not that better than any of the quest rewards you pick up... or at least not at lower levels anyway.

So, i've taken up Herbalism, which will be particuly benificial in making some extra gold, and not to mention there are loads of valuable herbs all around Azeroth, and in Stranglethorn which is where i am up to with questing.

Now for the long grind getting my skill up high enough to be able to herb there! i think this is where my glove enchantment will come in handy!

Task for today: Get my skill up high enough to be able to herb in STV.

Update #1 - /FACEPALM! Make sure you turn on 'Find Herbs' before riding around like an idiot wondering why you cant find them!

Update #2 - Explore Elywnn Forest Achievement!

Update #3 - Explore Redridge Mountains Achievement!

Update #4 - Ding! I gained a whole level by herbing and killing any rare mobs i came across!

Update #5 - Ok i am 110 Herbalism and made my way to STV to see if i can start picking those lovely scented & fresh flowers!  But i am still 5-10 points off a couple of the major herbs there. I can pick some, but not all. I'm considering staying here, and then just get my skill up in STV rather than go back tot he lower zones. 

From Nevaeh, to Emily, to... Jasmine!

After 3 name changes, i *think* i have found one that suits my hunter! A names gotta suit. If it doesn't suit, it's no fun for me to play. I think Jasmine is a great name for a Draenei, and i think black hair would suit more than white (my current colour), but i have a thing for white hair on Draenei's!

What do you think? Does the name Jasmine suit my look?

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Hunting Rares - Tips for a leveling Hunter.

Us hunters have a slight advantage in rare hunting while leveling! The lovely spell which helps us with that is "Tracking".  If the area you are currently questing in mainly consists of Humanoids, make sure you have your spell "tracking Humanoids" active. If if consists of mainly Humanoids and Beasts, that's what you should be tracking! Although it clogs up your mini map slightly, it is a great tool if you don't want to miss a rare hiding in a tent/cave while you are questing outside!

 <Mousing over my minimap, there is a different named mob nearby 'Grizlak'.>

Every new questing point that you head to with enemies, scan over your mini map with your mouse, and check for any unique names. Rare mobs will be named differently to the majority of creatures around it. When you mouse over the unique name, head towards that direction and hunt down that rare mob!

<Misty doing a fine job distracting the mean rat!>

Another tool that will become highly useful in the higher levels is the addon 'NPCscan'. This can be downloaded from and is pretty much a must once you start questing in the Outlands & beyond. It notifies you of most rare mobs within a certain radius, and creates a loud sound along with a screen pop up.

Along with the above tips for hunting rares, remember to keep your eyes open, and if there is a mob that stands out from the rest (larger in size, slightly different appearance) this may also be worth selecting to see if the silver portrait comes up around it's nameplate.

Rares will also award you with more XP than standard mobs, and usually a better than average piece of loot.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Name change complete!

Introducing... Emily the Draenei Hunter!

(Previously Nevaeh).

My blog is in the process of being updated (heading etc) to reflect my name change, so check back shortly and it will be complete :)

I am extremely happy i was able to get the name i wanted! I am going to have loads of fun playing her, as i am a big believer in if you like the name of your character, you will have more fun playing it!

Monday, June 25, 2012

A little project

I am contemplating the idea of trying to obtain all tameable rares in game. Will i have enough space in my stables? I don't think i will. It will be kind of a a mini project, just to see which ones will be the easiest, take the longest etc. Do you know anyone who has done this? Have you done it?

Tell me about it! :) I'd love to know how it went!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Elwynn Forest Rares

Whilst questing, i came across a dead rare mob. It got me thinking about how many rares there actually are in Elwynn Forest. So, i did a little googling, and came up with a video that pinpoints their exact locations! I am so going to be decked out in greens when i manage to find them!

Youtube Video by Mrfritx

Rare mobs found:
(To be updated)

1. Narg the Taskmaster - Dead on arrival.

2. Thuros Lightfingers - Update 26/06/12 - Killed as a level 10.

3. Mother Fang - Killed (Poor Silky did not survive).

4. Gruff Swiftbite - Killed as a level 9.

Hi Beardsley!

Whilst picking up my next lot of quests in Goldshire, i spotted a stout, yet ruggedly handsome dwarf knocking back a few cold ones at the bar. He looked like the type of person i wanted to get to know, so i sat down next to him, and our friendship began....


Beardsley the ginger Dwarf Paladin!

Elwynn Forest - Must do Quest!

Milly Oswoth has asked for my help in putting out the fires in her vineyard! Ever since Cataclysm, The nasty orcs have taken it over & have destroyed her precious crops! Plus you get to wear an awesome stylish backpack! If you only do one quest in Elwynn, make this one IT!

Oh, and i almost forgot to mention, she will give you a PINK cloak! This will match my shirt nicely!

<Silky keeping cool, despite the hot flames of burning grapes>

Questing in Azuremist Isle? No thanks!

Now that I've reached level 2, i have made the trek to Elwyn Forest! It has given me and Silky 2 a chance to bond, plus I've picked up a new pink shirt along the way!

I'm still thinking about what professions to take up, i would love to make my own gear, but Leatherworking is hard work these days! and the hides are not cheap if you buy them off the AH!

A gathering profession and a crafting profession is on the cards, as i am not strapped for cash. Herbing & Alchemy maybe? I've still got a couple more levels to think about it!

Nevaeh has been reborn!

After a few months of doing other things, playing other games and chars, I am returning back to The life of a Draenei Hunter! But there is a twist! I've changed my name from Nevaeh to..... Well, you'll find out in a couple of days!

Nevaeh is now my Blood Elf Paladin.... Check out her blog HERE!

Silky (the moth) will live again! <3

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Introducing.... Misty the Duskstalker!

After a couple of levels hunting with Misty, i have found she does not hold threat as well as Silky the moth. Its either because i have become more powerful, or cats are simply not meant to tank. I'm still killing mobs in record time though, so threat problem isn't really an issue because most of the time they are dead before they reach me. A Concussive Shot usually lets me finish it off.

Names i thought of before Misty:

Monday, October 10, 2011

Farewell Silky, Helloooo Duskstalker!

I just tamed my first rare pet - the Duskstalker in Teldrassil. I made the long-ish trip by boat and foot, dying twice in between from the heavily populated Furbolg area!

The cat model is definitely one of my favorites - unique skins are something i am always trying to get my hands on, and i am more than willing to camp for hours / days until they spawn for me :)
Silky had a short life, however i knew from the start she would be replaced. I released her back into nature just before Duskstalker came into the picture. She will be remembered by numerous screenshots and of course - her cousins who will be by my side forever!

Achievement: Level 10

Getting to level 10 was a breeze! I only had one death due to being AFK, I picked up 3 new companion pets (Moths), learnt my professions, and even got the 'Going Down' Achievement!

Time to pick my first talent point, get some training, and learn to tame another beast! Fun times ahead :D

Achievement: Going Down?

Whilst jumping off a cliff from the quest "Totem of Tiki" on Azuremyst Isle, angel wings cushioned my fall :) I was not expecting the achievement though, it caught me off guard... I thought my first achievement would be reaching level 10. This was definitely one of the fun quests in the zone :)

Silky's cousins!

They've been taken in by Sixx the Moth Keeper in The Exodar!How can you say no to those beady eyes and silky smooth wings?!

Nothing to do here, other than BUY BACK HER COUSINS!

45 Silver each is a bargain, considering these will be lifelong companion pets >.< not to mention Silky will be able to mix with her own kind :D