Sunday, October 13, 2013

Hunter # 100

Well, 100 would be a little bit of an exaggeration, but it wouldnt be too far off! i am consolidating Jasmine's Journey with Bellah's Journey :) Jasmine has been collection cobwebs whilst i have been off playing other chars, including my new Draenei Hunter, Bellah. She is on the same server as my Paladin, and has all of the luxuries such as gold, profession mats etc.

She looks like Jasmine, ^_^ and likes collecting Pets like Jasmine too :) so there will be some updates in the pet gallery. Over the next few posts you will learn more about Bellah and he journey around the continents.

Whilst questing on Elwynn Forest, you may stumble into the mine next to Northshire Abbey. Its just West of Stone Cairn Lake. There is a quest that leads you into it to investigate... but just a word of warning: If you go in too deep, you'll be confronted with the horrifying corpses of half eaten and webbed Kobold's!
Bellah trying not to get too close to the squirming cocooned Kobold Miners.

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