Friday, March 29, 2013

What's the first thing you do when returning to WoW?

I'm interested in what the first thing is people do when returning to WoW after a break.

Do you get stuck into dungeons straight away?

Scout the Auction House for bargains?

Try to find another guild to Join?

Or, are you like me and clear out your bank/bags? I like to start again with an organized bank and empty bags.
Along with emptying my bags, i also check out the Auction House for new transmog items. Its hard when you are a low level as there are fewer options, and it can be very expensive to put a set together based solely on items you have purchased from AH.

So, although i really wanted to look "prettier" i will not part with my precious gold just yet... Maybe something will come up in some dungeon runs... Fingers crossed!

Below is a photo of the items i have put on AH - Low level herbs  & leather actually go for quite a bit, however i almost always undercut prices by a few gold to ensure the item will sell. I have been storing these since the beginning, and i have just been too lazy to do a clean out. I am known for my hording tendencies! I have had to sell some incomplete stacks which i don't normally do, but i just want to get rid of it all. If they don't sell, i will probably just vendor them.

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