Monday, August 6, 2012

Leatherworking dropped for Herbalism.

I found Leatherworking to be quite a tedious and un-rewarding profession. Sure, you get to make your own gear, but you need to skin loads of mobs for the leather, and your skill level needs to me maxed each time you go to a new zone. Usually this wouldn't be a problem for me, but the peices of gear i have been crafting are not as pretty as i would have liked. They're really not that better than any of the quest rewards you pick up... or at least not at lower levels anyway.

So, i've taken up Herbalism, which will be particuly benificial in making some extra gold, and not to mention there are loads of valuable herbs all around Azeroth, and in Stranglethorn which is where i am up to with questing.

Now for the long grind getting my skill up high enough to be able to herb there! i think this is where my glove enchantment will come in handy!

Task for today: Get my skill up high enough to be able to herb in STV.

Update #1 - /FACEPALM! Make sure you turn on 'Find Herbs' before riding around like an idiot wondering why you cant find them!

Update #2 - Explore Elywnn Forest Achievement!

Update #3 - Explore Redridge Mountains Achievement!

Update #4 - Ding! I gained a whole level by herbing and killing any rare mobs i came across!

Update #5 - Ok i am 110 Herbalism and made my way to STV to see if i can start picking those lovely scented & fresh flowers!  But i am still 5-10 points off a couple of the major herbs there. I can pick some, but not all. I'm considering staying here, and then just get my skill up in STV rather than go back tot he lower zones. 

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